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Any family owned business based in Massachusetts whose business practices have had a positive impact on business and the community is eligible.

Nominations/Applications may be submitted by anyone, including marketing firms. You may even nominate your own company.

All application forms must be completed and filed with FBA, Inc. by 5 pm Friday August 20, 2010 to be considered for the 2010 program. All applications are strictly confidential.

Previous finalists are still eligible to enter. Previous winners are no longer eligible for these awards.

Award Program Categories

Small Business of the Year - less than 50 full-time employees
Mid-Sized Business of the Year - 50 to 150 full-time employees
Large Business of the Year - more than 150 full-time employees
First Generation Business - a business that has at least two full-time family members - one who is an active equity owner and one who is employed by the business - and has not yet transitioned from one generation to the next

From all the 2010 applicants, we will also select the following awards:
Community Excellence Award
- the philanthropic/community business of the year
Adversity Award - a business that overcame adversity
Hall of Fame Award - a business that exemplifies the best of family-owned business practices

Judging for the award will be conducted by an independent panel of academic, business and management professionals.






Lafrance Hospitality, accepts 2009 Community Excellence Award.


Anton's Cleaners accepts 2009 Mid-sized Business Award.



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